Prices and Services

  • Hungarian - English ceremony: 140,000 HUF
  • Price of a bilingual ceremony with the help of an interpreter (spanish, italian, slovakian, german) : 170,000 HUF
  • Hungarian wedding ceremony : 100,000 HUF
  • Wedding anniversary: ​​60,000 HUF
  • Name greeting, children's greeting: 50,000  HUF
  • in additon, wedding host, coordinator only in english or english - hungaria language (untill midnight): +80,000  HUF
  • in addition, wedding host, coordinator in hungarian language (untill midnight): +50.000 Ft
  • Price of the night ceremony: base price + 20,000 HUF
  • Ceremony on special holidays:  +20,000 HUF
  • In the case of rural (outside Pest county) ceremonies, extra travel fee will apply. 
  • In case of ceremonies abroad, the price is from + HUF 20,000 + disembarkation fee, as well as accommodation and travel expenses.

The ceremony service includes

  • Ceremony in the language of your choice (ceremony length, 30 minutes maximum)
  • The preparation of your personalized love story lines, 1x personal consultation, text correction together, personally or online (viber, messenger, what's up, etc.) up to 1 month or two weeks before the wedding date.
  • Visit the venue of the wedding, on request. (Depending on free capacity).
  • 1 -2 weeks before the wedding (on request) consultation by phone and script with the chosen background music. On the big day, holding the ceremony. (More information here: Link (under the menu item on the day of the ceremony.)
  • I am online usually anytime, so if the couple need an emergency conversation, or chat, I  always do my best to assure you about my services.
  • You will recive a wedding script or wedding ceremony script, or both, dependind on your service choise.

  • Your unique wedding certification, memorial card for your wittnesses,  minimal decoration (on request).

Excludes: supplies for the reunion ceremony, parental gifts.

Extra services:

  • Unity ceremony materials as: Fingerprint Wood, Sand -, Padlock ceremony, Candle ceremony, Ribbon ceremony, Tree planting, Spice ceremony, Rose & Soda ceremony, Tequila Ceremony, etc.
  • Ceremony sound system from 50,000 HUF.
  • Professional singer (because I can't sing) 40,000 HUF.

 Important! In case of a request for quotation, I will keep the requested date in option for a maximum of 1 week, if I dont recive any feedback, it will be canceled without prior notice.

I am also happy to recommend excellent wedding service providers, on my next page.