Nixi Wedding ceremony

All you need is love

„ You can only be successful in what you do from the bottom of your heart „


Now I will tell you my fairy tale ....

Nixi the leader of wedding ceremonies

Once upon a time..., in the beginning: I have been organizing beach weddings abroad and honeymoons to exotic destinations, locations since 2004.
So I had the desire not only organize,  but also be a part of the moment of wedding ceremonies, when in a perfect environment, the two lovers say yes to eachother.
But of course, this is a much longer story....

What inspired me? Some professional acting in the past, the magic of the wedding world, "The wedding planner" movie,
and because this way I always have a new execuse (to my husband) to go for shopping, and buy a new outfit.
But leave the joke aside…
After the ceremonies, the happiness of the couples is what brings me a lot of joy, recharges, and encourages even better performance.

I have been trying for a long time to figure out why I have become irrevocably in love with this beautiful profession?
Then after my 5th season, I recived the answer.:
I enjoy the ceremony so much because, because just like when you travel, it also opens the door not only to the world,
but to new and valuable human relationships.

Do what you LOVE, love what you Do!

So this where my story ends, and our relationship begins. ;-)