Nixi Wedding ceremony

All you need is love

„ You can only be successful in what you do from the bottom of your heart „

I have been organizing honeymoons and foreign weddings for 15 years, so it led a straight path to the ceremonies. It will fill me up if I can see happy at the end of the ceremony not only the young party but also the family and friends, because I provided a lasting beautiful experience on that particular big day. For a few minutes after the ceremony, from the happiness of the couples , I recive so much positive energy,  I feel just like, who fell in love again and walk 3 meters above the ground.

What does ceremony leadership mean to me?

What is the  running, reading, or traveling for others, well for me, it’s wedding  ceremony management.
This is huge positive energy bomb.

I believe that you can only be successful in what you do with your heart. And if you give good, you will get the good back. Other words I belive in: “what goes around, comes around “ system.