On the day of the ceremony

I arrive 1 to 1.5 hours earlier on the day of the ceremony. I ask for the rings, rings pillow, the greeting gifts, I check, Ieven rearrange the venue if necessary.

A final consultation will take place with the DJ, photographer, ceremony master, waiters and of course we will take over the details of the ceremony again with you.

The ceremony last a maximum of 30 minutes. I am counting on it a nother 30 minutes, to accomodate any kind of changes, unexpected happenings. For example, if the weather intervenes and we have to rearrange the venue from an open to an enclosed room, or we can’t find the bride, the groom might be late for his makeup; .. ;-D, of course I’m just kidding, but anything can happen.
Important aspect that, I take only two weddings per day, this way  I ensure you about the quality of your big day. This way  you can feel that I am not on a treadmill, because that is why you have decided to choose a ceremony leader on your  most important and unrepeatable moment of your life.